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Created exclusively by Bitcoin Babe, for Bitcoin Babes, the Trezor One Pink says nay to the monotone life and yay to feel-good bright colour, without skipping out on all the things we love about Trezor! No longer shall you lose your Trezor in the bottom of your bag, desk drawer, or washing machine due to easily blended black and white tones – Nothing stands out more than a fiercely hot pink hardware wallet, that’s brighter than the time you had the idea to buy that Crypto in the first place! And while you can feel good about knowing your Crypto is stylishly protected by all the usual Trezor One security and safety features, you can also feel good in knowing your purchase includes a $5.00 donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, supporting those involved in the fight against breast cancer, for zero deaths by 2030.

The Trezor is reliable and durable.

Are you looking for a hardware wallet that’s reliable, durable, and can even handle a little bit of rain? The Trezor One might be what you’re looking for.

How does trezor work?

The Trezor boasts advanced cryptography, reliable hardware, simple interface; culminating in a minimalistic, yet secure cryptographic hardware wallet. The Trezor One is water resistant, durable, and fits in the palm of your hand. Physical buttons for confirmations, and a built-in display allow you to be in control of where and when your cryptocurrency moves.

Isolate your private keys to your Trezor device to enjoy the safety and security of your own personal cryptographic hardware wallet.

Compatible Cryptocurrencies for Trezor: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, ERC20 tokens, LItecoin, Dash, Zcash, Expanse, Ubiq, & XEM.

Trezor Wallet First impressions

The Trezor is reliable and minimal designed device. The Trezor is extremely thin and lightweight with a large screen and 2 buttons in the center of the hardware wallet. The Trezor Hardware Wallet comes in Black and White, both colourways having a great look.

Trezor Security Features

Owning your private key

The Trezor Wallet allows anyone to have complete control of their Bitcoin, Ethereum or other Cryptocurrencies. Acquiring a Trezor allows you have access to a complete permissionless way of transferring cryptocurrency. You own the private key with the Trezor, a unique key to a digital vault.

Trezor Offline Private Key Generation

The private key, which can be restored with the 24 recovery words you write down, is what a hardware wallet keeps safe. The Trezor allows you to generate this private key on a secured device. The private key is generated offline, stopping any malicious code from gaining access to the Trezor Wallets key.

Trezor Implements a Wait Time Between Pin Incorrect Guesses

If a hacker gains access to your Trezor device they would struggle to brute-force hack the Pin Code to the Trezor due to the wait time between incorrect guesses.

Trezor Recovery Phrase

The main importance of the Trezor is the recovery phrase you generate offline using the Trezor wallet. This recovery phrase is a 24 word seed which is used to restore your cryptocurrency balances onto a new wallet if your hardware wallet is lost. Considering the importance of the 24 words, Trezor should look into supplying a more robust offline backup for the Trezor One. We suggest to grab an indestructible offline backup solution such as the Billfodl to couple with the security of the Trezor Device, however you may find the paper offline backup solution to be sufficient for your needs.

Trezor Wallet

Trezor offer an amazing software suite, the Trezor Wallet/Bridge, to connect and manage your secured cryptocurrencies. The Trezor Wallet/Bridge is used to setup your device, show account balances, and send or receive cryptocurrencies from your wallet.

Trezor Wallet Supported coins

The Trezor supports a numerous amount of different cryptocurrencies. The Trezor Wallet software is completely open-source which means even the smallest of teams can develop compatibility with the Trezor. Check out the official list on the Trezor website, Click here.

Trezor - Pink SPECIAL EDITION Review

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Nelson Walker
review of Trezor - Pink SPECIAL EDITION

The device seems to work fine for my limited requirements. Delivery took a month which was a disappointment.

Very good team

Very happy and legit


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