Ledger Nano X
Ledger Nano X - Coinstop
Ledger Nano X - Coinstop

Ledger Nano X

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***Due to low stock, the Ledger Nano X will be delivered directly from France. Shipping times may vary depending on Ledger's backlog of orders. Due to the coronavirus, this product may take up to 1-3 weeks to arrive**

Welcome to the next generation of hardware wallets!

The Ledger Nano X builds on industry standards to bring to you a sleek, fully mobile and secure hardware wallet. Powered with state of the art security, your private keys are isolated within the same certified secure element (CC EAL5+), yet unrestricted by the usual USB connectors. The Ledger Nano X is bluetooth® enabled with end to end encryption allowing you to safely transact on the go utilising the Ledger Live Mobile Application (iOS 9+ or Android 5+). The 100 mAh internal battery will ensure a few months idle and several hours in use when fully charged. To charge or use your device with the Ledger Live Desktop Application simply connect to your computer via the provided USB to USB type-C cable.

The Ledger Nano X has a revised intuitive layout sees the side buttons replaced with two face buttons, ideally placed on either side of the updated screen. Comfortable when navigating your device and confirming transactions.

More storage means more applications! The Ledger Nano X is compatible with over 1,100 assets and able to store up to 100 wallet applications at the same time, giving you the ability to manage all of your assets on the same device with convenience with no sacrifice to security.

Click here for a full list of compatible cryptocurrencies for the Ledger Nano X.


Ledger Nano X Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Sam Ibrahim
Nemo ledger x

Very fast service staff are very helpful

Worth it

So far, so good. Will probably purchase another one in the future.

J of Sydney
My feedback

Nothing has arrived yet. What’s going on.? Is there a tracking number?

Waikari Ratima
Received my Ledger Nano X in a timely manner when stock was out

Happy with my Ledger Nano X, able to move altcoins from different exchanges and have it secured in one location.
Cheers Coinstop

Great cold storage

This is a great hardware wallet. It was super simple to set up and use. It supports almost all of the most popular coins/tokens either natively or via a bridge to a offline official wallet app. I feel very secure knowing that my investment is safely stored offline and the keys are firmly in my hands.


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