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Coinstops directory of our favourite Blockchain Meetups in Australia.

Are you looking for a Blockchain Meetup in Australia?

Coinstop have put together a list of our favourite Cryptocurrency meetups in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Sydney Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Meetups

Meetup Description
Bitfwd Community bitfwd community is open to everyone: developers, entrepreneurs, creatives, traders, corporate professionals and randos as well. We run workshops, events and awesome Blockathons!
Blockchain Sydney For people interested in Blockchain technology such as smart contracts, Security Token Offerings, Initial Coin Offerings, Initial Exchange Offerings and DAPS.
Web3 Sydney The Web3 Sydney Community is for developers, designers and entrepeneurs who are into decentralised and distributed technologies.
Crypto Sydney Open mic nights and industry guest speakers talking all things Blockchain and Crypto.

Melbourne Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Meetups

Meetup Description
Blockchain Centre The Blockchain Centre host events on Blockchain Educationand weekly blockchain talk and trade. They also promote and assist blockchain startups.
Women in Blockchain Women in Blockchain is an organisation that hosts networking events and tech talks that highlight the accomplishments of women and gender non-conforming folks in the blockchain industry.
Blockchain Melbourne This group is for any Blockchain Enthusiest. This group is a great place to separate Blockchain Tech and Hype, learning mostly how the tech works.
Web3 Melbourne Their meetups cover a variety of topics such as the technical details of various Web3 platforms (Ethereum/IPFS/Whisper), as well as more general topics such as decentralized trust systems.
FutureAus This group discusses challenges and insights of future technology. Topics range from Robotics, Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

Brisbane Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Meetups

Meetup Description
Bitcoin Brisbane This group is for all things Bitcoin, blockchain and digital currencies. From what Bitcoins are, accepting payment via Bitcoins, to mining Bitcoins, and what the blockchain can bring.
Cryptocurrency Investing This event is ran by one of our business friends Joe, he runs workshops on cryptocurrency trading. Meetups will discuss cryptocurrency trading mismanagement and the best approach to investing into Cryptocurrencies.
Holochain Brisbane Holochain Brisbane (formerly Brisbane Ethereum) community is intended as a medium for developers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who wish to learn more about decentralised technologies and discuss them with like-minded individuals.
Springfield Lakes Meetup This meetup discusses Bitcoin and why it is critical for the future of the internet. Bring a friend to learn about the importance of Bitcoin.

Adelaide Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Meetups

Meetup Description
Bitcoin Adelaide For anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of Bitcoin, Adelaide's oldest Bitcoin meetup is the place to go!
Adelaide Blockchain Adelaide Blockchain meetup group is an initiative out of University of Adelaide and Flinders University that dedicates their time to engage and educate individuals on all aspects of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Web3.0 technology.

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