Billfodl Multishard - PRE ORDER - Coinstop
Billfodl Multishard - PRE ORDER - Coinstop
Billfodl Multishard - PRE ORDER - Coinstop

Billfodl Multishard - PRE ORDER

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** This item is currently on pre-order. We are expecting our first, small batch (approx 10) of units to arrive over the coming weeks. Once a firm date has been set we will update our pages to reflect.**


With the Billfodl Multi-shard, you can split your seed into 3 shards, each with 16 of your 24 words for recovery. Splitting your seed into three allows you to achieve a 2-of-3 style recovery method and ensures that if someone finds your BIllfodl, they aren't able to steal your funds.

An example of a multi-shard setup could be that you store 1 of 3 shards with yourself, 2 of 3 shards with your lawyer and 3 of 3 shards in a safety deposit box. The additional safety layer of a distributed private key storage solution means that if any 1 of those locations becomes compromised, the attacker will NOT be able to access your funds. It also means that you have NOT lost the ability to back up your wallets as the other 2 locations together will restore your wallets.

This is a great redundancy plan for anyone with significant amounts of digital assets or for someone who wants to take their security to the next level!


Billfodl is protected up to 1200C/2100F and has been tested using military grade ordinance for best in class heat resistance.


Billfodl is composed of the highest quality marine grade 316 stainless-steel, protecting against even corrosive salt water.


Billfodl is constructed to withstand over a million volts of electricity. Whether it is solar spots, a nuclear strike, or a microwave bomb.


Billfodl Multishard - PRE ORDER Review


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