Trezor Hardware Wallet Users Get a Desktop App

UPDATE: Trezor Suite is no longer in BETA version.

If you own a Trezor hardware wallet, we’ve got exciting news for you! Our friends over at SatoshiLabs have just announced their latest product, Trezor Suite, a desktop app for Trezor users. The public beta version is now available to download and test, but first let’s get into what it’s all about.

What is Trezor Suite?

Trezor Suite is a free downloadable desktop application that allows you to manage both your hardware wallet and portfolio in one space. The app has been designed to improve the Trezor user experience by providing more consistency across both desktop and mobile platforms. 

Prior to the release of Trezor Suite, users of the Trezor hardware wallets had to connect their device to a computer whilst running the Trezor Bridge app and Trezor Wallet browser plugin. Now users will be able to simply connect via the standalone desktop app, Trezor Suite.

What’s new?

The Trezor Suite offers improvements in three key areas: security, usability, and privacy.

The desktop application has increased security and privacy by allowing users to access and manage their funds without using an internet browser. This eliminates the risk of phishing attacks, a type of social engineering attack often used to steal user data such as login credentials, credit card details, private keys, wallet files and passwords.

Usability has also been improved, by allowing users to control wallet services and manage their portfolio from within the app. 

They will also be introducing new functions and features over time, such as:

  • Tor Support (a privacy-focused network that routes all your web communications through a series of servers all over the world, making it incredibly difficult to trace your internet traffic)
  • CoinJoin (to protect your privacy when sending Bitcoin transactions)
  • Connection to your own Full node
  • DEX integration (a decentralised exchange that will allow you to buy and exchange crypto from within Trezor Suite’s secure environment)
  • Mobile App (a mobile app version will be launched during the first quarter of 2021. Until then, you can access the Trezor Suite on your phone through Chrome browser)

How can you get Trezor Suite?

The existing Trezor Wallet will continue to work while the public beta for Trezor Suite is underway, but it will eventually redirect users to Trezor Suite.

For now if you'd like to test out the beta version, you can download the desktop application here. And if you have any feedback, you can send it directly to Trezor using this feedback form

If you'd like to shop the Trezor Hardware wallets, you can visit our store here.