How To Set Up & Use The Ledger Nano S Plus

Fan of NFTs? Well then, you’re going to LOVE the latest product to hit the Coinstop store: the Ledger Nano S Plus. The Ledger Nano S Plus takes the iconic Ledger Nano S, and makes it DeFi and NFT-friendly! 

As a cold storage hardware wallet, the Ledger Nano S Plus achieves the perfect balance between convenience and the highest form of security:

  • Offline storage of your cryptocurrency wallets, through which you can shuffle with two buttons.
  • Ownership of your private key.
  • Device wipeout if the pin code is entered incorrectly three times.
  • Offline creation of a 24-word recovery phrase, with which you can recover the device's wallets.
  • Stainless steel-protected screen just large enough to view your cryptocurrency addresses, different wallets, pin code, and recovery phrase.
  • Manage your NFTs safely - send and sign your NFT transactions with full transparency in Ledger Live: what you see is what you sign


 Here is what you will find in the Nano Ledger S box:

  1. Recovery sheet and three paper cards within the 59-page Ledger Nano S Plus user manual, which you can also download here.
  2. USB 3.0 cable for connecting the device (it is not battery-powered).
  3. Keychain attachment with two rings.
  4. Lanyard accessory.
  5. The Ledger Nano S Plus device.


1. Connect the Ledger Nano S Plus to your computer using the supplied USB-C cable. Your device should display the following: "Welcome to Ledger Nano S Plus. Press right button to continue."






2. Press the right button to navigate through the on-screen instructions.

3. Press both buttons simultaneously to choose the option Set up as a new device.







4. Press both buttons when Choose PIN code with 4 to 8 digits is displayed on the device.






5. Press the right or left button to choose the first digit of your PIN code.

6. Press both buttons to enter a digit.

7. Repeat the process until you've entered 4 to 8 digits.

8. Select the checkmark (✓) and press both buttons to confirm the PIN code. Use the backspace icon to erase a digit.

9. Confirm your PIN code by entering it once more.

10. Your 24-word recovery phrase will now be displayed word by word on the Ledger Nano S Plus screen. The recovery phrase is the only backup of your private keys. It will be displayed only once. Record your recovery phrase down safely. We recommend using the Billfodl. 

11. Press both buttons when Write down your recovery phrase is displayed.








12. Press the right button to navigate through the on-screen instructions. Then press both buttons to continue.

13. Note down the first word & verify that you have copied it correctly in position 1.

14. Press the right button to move to the second word (word #2) and note it down. Verify that you've copied it correctly. Repeat the process until the twenty-fourth word (word #24).

15. (optional) To verify your 24 words, press the left button. 

16. Press both buttons to Confirm your recovery phrase.

17. Select the requested word by navigating with the left or right button. Validate the word by pressing both buttons. Repeat this step for each requested word.

Your device will display Your Recovery phrase is set. Keep it in a secure place.

Press the right button to navigate through the on-screen instructions. Then press both buttons to continue.

18. Your device will display Processing and then Your device is now ready once you've successfully completed the setup process.

19. Hold both buttons for 3 seconds to access the Control Center. The Control Center is where you can access the apps and settings on your device.

20. Your device is ready! You've now successfully set up your device and can now install apps on your device and add accounts in Ledger Live.


If you need any further assistance setting up your Ledger Nano S, please feel free to contact us!