How To Set Up The Billfodl

If you’re reading this article, it’s safe to say that you already know about the importance of securing your 24-word recovery phrase (the 12/18/24 words generated by your hardware wallet during the initial setup process.). It is used to encrypt your private key into an easier-to-understand format (i.e. instead of a string of letters and numbers) which can then be used to identify, authenticate, and grant you access to the cryptocurrency in your wallet. Therefore, anyone who knows your recovery phrase can access your wallet and funds. 

We also presume that you’ve decided to secure yours on the Billfodl, the safest and most secure way to store your 24-word recovery phrase offline, away from hackers (you’re really killing this crypto thing!!!). Maybe you’ve even received yours in the mail already and are wondering how the setup works.

Below we are going to walk you through the steps to set up your BIllfodl correctly so that your recovery phrase is locked safely away.


First things first, when opening the device you may notice that each slot only holds 4 keys. Don’t worry, your Billfodl isn’t broken! The device is designed to only hold four letters of each word, and we will explain why below. If you’d like to know why this is, you can read why the Billfodl only holds 4 letters of each recovery word here

Let’s get into it.

  1. Slide Billfodl open and lay it on the side where you can see the laser engraved logo and the slots for numbers 1-12.
  2. Grab one of the tiles and twist the screw in the top right corner to unlock the top latch
  3. Use the same tile to depress the spring at the bottom and unlock the bottom latch while opening the unit Pick your tiles from the tile tray and slide them in to spell your Key or Words
  4. Close the latch and, using the tile again, secure the lock on the top right-hand side of the unit.
  5. Double-check your data for accuracy
  6. Double-check that the latch is firmly locked
  7. Flip your Billfodl over and repeat if necessary
  8. Store your Billfodl someplace safe
  9. Sleep easy knowing data is protected. 

It really is that easy! If you’d like a video tutorial the team at Privacy Pros have you covered! You can watch it here:

Want to step up your security game even further?

Check out the Billfodl Faraday Bag, a small, portable, affordable accessory that blocks electromagnetic fields. It protects electronics from being damaged by radio frequency interference (RFI) by not allowing radio frequency or electromagnetic pulse waves to pass through the material. The Faraday bag will also ensure the protection of your electronic devices during an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse, which can be caused by solar flares). This means you can store your Ledger, Trezor or KeepKey hardware wallet within the Faraday bag, to ensure the devices and your digital assets are unaffected in the event of an EMP.

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